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Thursday, February 23, 2012

English speech "The influence of internet"

Before I began my speech I would like to limit the problems will I have to say in a speech today, which among others, the influence of internet on teenagers in positive and negative terms.

Internet means
Internet, a word that is familiar in the ears of every person, especially the teenagers. The Internet can be found wherever we are, to capitalize the mobile phone that has an Internet connection, the Internet can be accessed with ease through mobile phone wherever we are, or in every corner of the city should have a Shop that sells Internet services, which commonly called a "warnet". All of Information without Borders, that's how people call it. Just by sitting in front of the screen and put our hands on the controller which is usually called “mouse and keyboard". We can get so lot of information that we need.
Use Internet
A lot of science that is so abundant there, the information about anything can be found on the internet universe, then what to do with students? Of course very closely related to the student because the student did not escape with the information and science, the internet is the most effective media and easy to come by and accessible by anyone anywhere, although cannot be denied that because of this freedom may occur also abuse use of internet facilities as a means to Crime or immoral.


Students who are new to the Internet typically use this facility to find the strange. For example, the pictures are not obscene or funny videos that are "immoral" to influence the soul and personality of the students themselves, so that affected students and disrupt the concentration of the learning process in school.


However, not all students do so, only a handful of students who are doing this noisy, because in general the Internet is used by each student to seek or obtain information relating to their subject matter they received in school, it allows students to become more creative and more active in looking for sources of information and science compared with students, who just sit quietly in front of the desk and listen to the teacher talk.
Teens who daily interact with the Internet will be more responsive to changes in the surrounding information because he was accustomed to and more awar e of this information and more often than others. But in addition, adolescents who have a negative tendency in the opposite case, he will seem passive because only enslaved by the ease and wealth of information from the internet.

The main point, the internet would be very beneficial if we are used it in a positive, otherwise the internet would be dangerous if used in a negative term.



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